Bearing Water: The Aquarian Lover


Aquarians are wired differently than most people in that friendship is their ultimate bottom line. Aquarians need to feel a sense of friendship with someone even more than the typical swooning, passionate, intoxicating effects of romantic love. Friendship is the elixir of life to Aquarians, and…

Bearing Water: February 2 Birthday Profile


Aquarians born on February 2 have a modern outlook on life. They seem ageless, and their physical attractiveness testifies to their need to present themselves favorably. They are sticklers for honesty. They need to display their unconventional personality and embrace controversial issues.

Learning lessons in life is not always fun, but today you will learn and laugh.


Things are getting weird — even for you! That doesn’t mean you need to freak out and run away, because you can handle nutty business better than most. Just bravely face life and then move on.

Aquarius: Daily Overview for February 1, 2012

A horoscope just told me to Embrace Lost Causes, but at the same time to Make Good Choices…

So what this is essentially telling me….is that I should forgive my exboyfriends (Good Choice) but then Embrace them, because they’re all lost causes (Bad Choice)…..I hate Horoscopes.